Monochrome Paintings for the Wanderer at Heart



Julie Robertson's vibrant non-objective acrylic paintings on canvas are created to express fleeting emotions and a sense of wanderlust for places yet unexplored. These themes come to life through visual form and harmonious (if muted) color relationships, along with wild splatters of paint and saturated scrawls of oil pastels.


All of Julie's works are available to purchase here, or in her Etsy shop. Each piece is wrapped up carefully and mailed to you direct from the studio.


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My name is Julie Robertson, and I'm a Tokyo-born artist living currently in the US. Though I started my art career painting realistic faces, a few years ago I started to explore abstract works inspired purely by emotion.


One of the first paintings came about as a result of my beloved grandmother's sudden hospitalization. Her feisty, strong voice was reduced to a weak mumbling— barely audible over the phone. My heart was filled with sadness because I was unable to do anything for her (She resides in Japan and I am in the US.)


I went to my studio and started to paint, purely from what I felt; working quickly and wildly with the paint. By the time I was done with the piece, I had gone from a place of grief to a place of total peace, and even excitement for my grandmother's impending transformation to a new life. I called that piece "At the Junction of Now and Forever" since that's exactly where I felt I, we, both were. I was astounded that paint and canvas had facilitated such a change. (By the way, afterwards my grandma completely recovered and became filled with more peace and joy than she had known before!)


Ever since that time, I haven't stopped painting. Sometimes the pieces are inspired by profound things... sometimes lighthearted silliness like the expectation of an email. I find that my collectors respond emotionally to my pieces as much as I do painting them. Of course, our interpretations are different, but both equally powerful.


For my new body of work, I am seeking a place not yet known. A place filled with a certain glow of light. Of monochrome colors, of snow, and yet warmth and complete safety. Until I can find that place in real life, I will visit it through paint.


I hope that you too may find a bit of wanderlust from seeing my pieces and remind yourself to never stop wandering.










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